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What We Do

Zilch Recycling accepts greenwaste and timber to be recycled into various grades of mulch. We also Recyle soil to be screened.

We are equipped to deal with both oversized materials that require pulverising in addition to mixed waste composing of a bricks, cement, organic material and metals.

We recycle construction and demolition waste to be sorted; separating metal from other materials and creating aggregate from cement, bricks and tiles.

We recycle bricks, concrete and roof tiles. We also recycle asphalt and road surface.


2m3 -This size skip bin is particularly handy if you have a small amount of waste from things like garden cleanups. Most people can fit these skips on their property so you’ll rarely require a skip license from the council. They can also be used for heavy materials such as Bricks, Stones and Concrete.

3m3 -Similarly useful for small waste clean ups and will also fit nicely on most properties. These sized skips are particularly popular for room refits like the bathroom and kitchen.

4m3 -These bins are one of the most popular when it comes to residential use as they are a very convenient size to take care of the waste produced during DIY projects, refits and clean outs.

6m3 – Building and construction waste tend to require a larger skip bin sizes so this is a popular choice for builders or for larger house clear outs.

Pricing And Hire Duration

Bins are priced based on;

1. Size of the skip bin

2. Type of skip bin

3. Number of skip bins

4. Frequency of skip bin collection

5. Site location of skip bin

6. Type of waste

7. Time and date of collection

Hire Duration (Days)
Standard Commercial or Trade Hire 7
Residential Customer 14
Extra Fees Cost Per
Restricted Delivery/Delay Fees $30 Per 15 Minutes
Overload Fees (re-oraganisation of overflowingBins) $60
Cancellation Fee – under 24 hours 15% Of Bin Fee
Prohibited Material – special tipping Fees $175 Per Ton
Overdue Bins $10 Per Day

Waste Bin Types

Builders waste such as concrete, steel, tiles, brick, Gyprock and timber is permitted. Also, green waste, furniture, white goods, home office and general household junk is OK.

Not Permitted: Any Regulated or hazardous waste such as paint, liquids, asbestos, food, chemicals, batteries, tyres, gas bottles, fire extinguishers.

Light domestic waste like furniture, office waste, white goods and general household junk is permitted in general waste skip bins.

A General Waste skip can also include a small amount of pavers, bricks, concrete or soil but is best separated if there are significant quantities. Light building waste such as plastic, timber and metals are OK.

Not Permitted: Any Regulated or hazardous waste such as paint, liquids, asbestos, food, chemicals, batteries, tyres, gas bottles, fire extinguishers.

Bins for Rubble can include a mix of concrete, blocks, roof tiles, bricks, pavers, and slate. These are one waste type material only Bins and are cheaper to hire.

Not Permitted: Any Regulated or hazardous waste such as paint, liquids, asbestos, food, chemicals, batteries, tyres, gas bottles, fire extinguishers.

Only 100% green waste is allowed. This includes branches, small trees, shrubs, twigs, grass, grass clippings and palm fronds. Again these bins are cheaper to hire due to the one type of waste.

3m3 to 6m3 skip bins are recommended for medium sized garden clean ups, pruning or landscaping projects.

Not Permitted: Any Regulated or hazardous waste such as paint, liquids, asbestos, food, chemicals, batteries, tyres, gas bottles, fire extinguishers.

Mixed Soil, Rubble, Asphalt, Bricks, Tiles, Roots etc. Mixed excavation and plumbing waste soils and rubble. POA

We recommend 3m3 to 6m3 skip bins for small soil removal projects, pool excavations, garden bed upgrades or site preparation works.

Not Permitted: Any Regulated or hazardous waste such as paint, liquids, asbestos, food, chemicals, batteries, tyres, gas bottles, fire extinguishers.

Any ferrous metals, Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Bronze or other non ferrous.

There is no weight limit on this category and we charge only for a delivery fee if less than 1 tonne of metal. Otherwise POA

Not Permitted: Any Regulated or hazardous waste such as paint, liquids, asbestos, food, chemicals, batteries, tyres, gas bottles, fire extinguishers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a Skip Bin Priced?2020-11-24T00:19:51+11:00

Bins are priced based on;
1. Size of the skip bin
2. Frequency of skip bin collection
3. Site location of skip bin
4. Type of waste (see “Types of Waste Bins”)
5. Time and date of collection
Contact us for a price

How long can I have the bin?2020-11-24T00:20:22+11:00

Zilch Waste base skip bin fees are for 7 or 14 day hire. If you need the bin longer, contact our office and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.
Alternatively if you finish with the bin earlier than this simply contact our office and the bin will be collected.

When do we collect the bin?2020-11-24T00:20:36+11:00

We will collect the bin at the conclusion of the hire period.
We reserve the right to collect the bin at any time prior to the conclusion of the hire period if you do not have permission to locate the bin at the Placement Site or are in breach of these terms in any way.
If you wish to extend the hire period, you must provide us with at least one business day’s notice and pay to us the applicable hire fees for the extended hire of the bin.
If you request an early collection by contacting us at 07 46 384 438, we will collect the bin as soon as practicable after our receipt of your request.

When will the bin be delivered?2020-11-24T00:14:59+11:00

Please be aware that during peak periods we may choose to collect or delivery your skip bin after hours. Additionally, we may also choose to deliver your bin early. If your bin is delivered early your hire period will commence from your requested delivery date and not the date we delivered the bin.

What do I need to consider before deciding where to put the Bin?2020-11-24T00:15:38+11:00

The client is solely responsible for the legality of the skip bin being placed at the agreed location as per our terms. This includes but is not limited to: private property, government property, public places including reserves, driveways, laneways and roadways. The skip bin must not create a hazard for pedestrians or road users. We cannot place a skip bin on a footpath or where it may interrupt traffic. If you are unsure about the placement of your bin, please let us know at the time of booking.

Do you need to be at delivery?2020-11-24T00:20:57+11:00

It is preferable for you to be present at delivery in order to guide us to the Placement Site.
If you are not present at delivery, we endeavour to place the bin in accordance with your delivery instructions, and where there is no instruction, at the appropriate site we consider safe at the Delivery Address. We are not responsible for any claim or liability incurred by you due to our selection of the Placement Site.
. We do not charge pro rata hire fees in the event of an early collection of the bin.
You must ensure that we have free, safe and reasonable access to the Delivery Address and the Placement Site in order for us to collect the bin.

What size bin will I need?2020-11-24T00:16:14+11:00

The following guide may assist you to estimate the bin size you will need in comparison to a standard 6ft x 4ft trailer:
2m skip bin – 3 trailer loads
3m skip bin – 4.5 trailer loads
4m skip bin – 6 trailer loads
6m skip bin – 8 trailer loads

How big are the bins and where can they be placed?2020-11-24T00:21:06+11:00

2m and 3m bins are approximately 2.8m long x 1.6m wide.
4m bins are approximately 3m long and 1.6m wide. Some 4m bins have wheelbarrow doors enabling you to easily access the inside of the bin.
6m bins are approximately 4.2m long and 1.6m wide.
We can place the bin in most places for you, however please keep in mind the bin is off-loaded using a large hoist and if you have trees or other structures nearby we may be a little restricted.

How much weight can I put in it?2020-11-24T00:19:37+11:00

Bin fees are based on the following weight limits:
1. One type recyclable Bins have no weight limit.
2. General Waste / Builders Waste Bins as follows;
2m skip bin – 500 kgs
3m skip bin – 750 kgs
4m skip bin – 1000 kgs
6m skip bin – 2000 kgs

As an example, you can put up to 2000 kgs in a 6 m Bin at the normal quoted Skip Bin price. If your bin exceeds this weight, it is not a problem however you will be charged $175/tonne plus GST or part thereof for the additional weight.
Recycling bins are available for the disposal of one recyclable product. This includes green waste, tiles, concrete, bricks, soil and metals.
For commercial customers we also offer a set delivery and collection price + tip fees. Please contact our office to discuss your requirements.

If I put too much in the Bin will they still take my Bin?2020-11-24T00:21:37+11:00

Yes, normally we will still take your Bin so long as waste is not above the edge of the Bin. It will however result in higher charges as we have priced the bin according to specific waste type on weight limits.

Is there anything that cannot be put in the skip bin?2020-11-24T00:21:58+11:00

The following hazardous waste materials cannot be disposed of within your skip bin:
Asbestos Oil Paint & fluids Putrud Waste
Chemicals Noxious materials Acids Explosives
Needles & syringes Solvents Gas bottles Hazardous materials
All skip bins are sorted prior to disposal. If you dispose of these materials within the skip bin they will be returned to you and you will be charged for the return of hazardous waste material as per the pricing schedule.
If you have any items that you are unsure about, please contact our office and we will be happy to assist you with their disposal.

Can I save money by recycling?2020-11-24T00:22:09+11:00

Yes you can. If your bin contains one type of recyclable waste we do offer discounted rates. However please remember if the waste is contaminated with another product(s) you will be charged the full bin rate.

What are the additional fees we charge?2020-11-24T00:22:51+11:00

We may charge you the following additional fees after collection, if:
(a) we are required to wait for more than 15 minutes at delivery or collection to fulfil our obligations under these terms, an additional fee of $30 for every 15 minutes after the first 15 minutes;
(b) we do not have access to the Delivery Address and/or Placement Site at delivery or collection, and we are required to attend the Delivery Address at a later time, an additional fee of $65 per subsequent attendance.
(c) you ordered a recycling bin and subsequently deposit waste that is not considered recyclable waste and/or deposit more than one type of recyclable waste, an additional fee being the difference between the hire fees for a skip bin and a recycling bin;
(d) you dispose of Non-Complying Waste in the bin or if the bin appears to be soiled in a state and condition beyond normal use, an additional fee of $150 attributed to the cleaning of the bin;
(e) your C & D or General Waste bin weighs more than allowable weight limit for the bin selected, the bin is weighed after collection, the additional fee being the difference between the fee for the bin and additional fees incurred for weight above the bin weight allowance charged at $175/1000kg or part thereof; or
(f) we incur any extra tipping fees or overweight fines in relation to the bin, the additional fee being the amount incurred by us for these reasons.
(g) you overload a bin and we need to reorganise the load will incur a $60 fee.
It is your responsibility to select the suitable bin weight and size for your purpose and to provide us with correct information.
You authorise us to charge your nominated credit card the amount of the additional fees applicable, as a separate transaction if payment of hire fees was initially made by credit card.
If you did not pay by credit card, we will issue you a tax invoice for the additional fees payable within 7 days of the date of the invoice. If payment is not made by the due date, a late payment fee will apply as per the pricing schedule.

To what level can I fill the bin?2020-11-24T00:23:08+11:00

Bins may be filled level to the sides. Due to road safety regulations we cannot carry bins that have material above the sides of the bin. Upon collection if the bin is overfilled our driver may remove the excess waste or leave the bin until the waste has been removed. Additional hire fees will apply for the extension of the hire period. Please refer to the photos under “How to load your skip bin” for further information.

Will the bin damage my concrete driveway?2020-11-24T00:23:20+11:00

The skip bin when being loaded or unloaded may scratch or chip painted and stencil concrete, pavers and other decorative prints. This can be avoided by placing the bin on 2 x 2 meter long pieces of timber. If you are concerned about placing the bin on the driveway please let us know at the time of booking so we can assist you.

Will the bin damage my grass and underground watering system?2020-11-24T00:23:32+11:00

Our trucks are heavy and if required to drive across your grass may damage it or your in-ground watering system. If you have any concerns about the placement of the bins please let us know when placing your order and we can work with you to prevent any damage.

Am I responsible for damage caused by the bin?2020-11-24T00:23:46+11:00

The supplier will not be responsible for any damage to pavements, roadways, grassed areas, trees or garden beds caused by the skip bin, the delivery truck or environmental damage caused by contamination from hazardous materials. It is the responsibility of the client to determine the suitability of the chosen area: it must be suitable for the location of the skip bin, have clear easy access for drop off and pick up, be clear of overhead power lines and cables and be able to bear the weight of the fully loaded skip bin and the truck transporting the skip bin.

Do I need a Permit to put a Bin on Public Property?2020-11-24T00:23:56+11:00

It is the responsibility of the client to organise a council permit when the skip bin is to be placed on public land.

Can you cancel an order?2020-11-24T00:24:22+11:00

You may cancel your order, by providing us with at least one business day’s notice prior to the confirmed delivery date and time, by contacting us at (02) 6235 9844.
We will charge a cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of the applicable hire fees, if you cancel your order within 24 hours of the confirmed delivery date and time.

Can you change an order?2020-11-24T00:24:40+11:00

You may change your order, by providing us with at least two business days’ notice prior to the confirmed delivery date and time, by email or contacting us at (02) 6235 9844.
We will endeavour to change your order as requested, but cannot guarantee that your request will be met.


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Our complete range of waste management services include:

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• Flexible skip bin hire

• Friendly, courteous and a highly trained team

• Waste repurposing and recycling

If you’re unsure what bin size or capacity you need, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We can help answer all your waste questions and provide you with the best solution to suit your needs and budget.

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