Recycled Aggregates, Ballasts and Road base

Recycled aggregates, crusher dust, and roadbase comes from crushed concrete, brick, roof tiles and asphalt that once would have ended up in landfill but are now being economically repurposed for construction and domestic applications.

Smaller aggregates with interesting colours and appearance due to the variation of bricks, tiles and concrete from which they are made can be used in garden or landscaping situations- any of your DIY projects.

Larger aggregates are very economical fill materials for behind rock walls, erosion control, wet weather access, and many other interesting Civil and Domestic applications.

Please note – Whilst all care has been taken to provide you with photographs to get an indication of products you should always sight product samples before use, due to natural variations in colours & sizes. products may vary from image provided.

Aggregate products zilch waste recyclers

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Enviro Dust for construction, landscape supplies Zilch Waste Recyclers

Crusher Dust

Recycled Crusher Dust is a a finely graded crushed concrete similar to Quarry Crusher Dust and Roadbase differing only in material and compaction rating. It can be compacted firm and used as a sub-base for a variety of applications. Major uses are for under slabs or paver bedding.

Approx 1.4 tonne to 1m3

Roadbase with fines up to 20mm used for roads Zilch Waste Toowoomba


Approx 20 mm minus in size, Recycled Road Base compacts well and serves as a good a solid bed and provides a stable layer of support below sand for hard stand areas, car parks and roads. It is also used for support layers for paving, paths, driveways or concreting, and is a very economical product for forming weather resistant roads.

Approx 1.4 tonne to 1m3

Zilch Waste Toowoomba recycled concrete aggregate 10mm on road way

10mm Aggregate

Recycled concrete crushed and screened to a 10mm grade is perfect for drainage for such applications as bedding for water and sewerage pipes. It can also be used as a decorative barrier product around buildings and walkways or paths.

Recycled drainage gravel is typically crushed concrete screened to a grading and is suitable for all drainage applications.

Approx 1.2 Tonne = 1m3

Zilch Waste 20mm drainage recycled aggregate Toowoomba

20mm Aggregate

20mm recycled aggregate is a versatile product that is commonly used for backfilling trenches, around PVC and Ag-Pipe, for drainage behind rock or retaining walls and even as a base for pouring concrete.

Approx 1.2 Tonne = 1m3

28/50 recycled aggregate concrete Zilch Waste Toowoomba

28mm – 50mm Aggregate

28-50mm Recycled Concrete Aggregate is a very economic product to use as a fill behind rock and retaining walls, in sewerage pits or for use as dry access points during wet weather.

Approx 1.1 Tonne = 1m3

Soils and Mulch

Fine cheap mulch from recycled green waste Toowoomba Zilch Waste Toowoomba

Recycled Mulch fine

Our fine mulch is great mulch for moisture retention and medium term ground cover. It has been screened to remove heavy pieces in the grinding process. Fine Mulch is very economical and we sell it by the cubic metre. It is made out of mixed green material using a large industrial grinder.

Heavy Industrial Mulch from green waste Zilch Waste Toowoomba

Recycled Mulch Heavy

The Heavy Mulch is the top portion of our screened mulch. It is a rough but very durable mulch and extremely good for covering areas around trees and scrubs to reduce the need for mowing and to styfle grass and weed growth. It is a great long term environmental control for banks and beside roads or indeed anywhere a long term organic material solution is required. It last a long time before breaking down.

Screened Soil

Screened soil is a clean material which is good for fills and basic soil applications such as beds or banks.