We may charge you the following additional fees after collection, if:
(a) we are required to wait for more than 15 minutes at delivery or collection to fulfil our obligations under these terms, an additional fee of $30 for every 15 minutes after the first 15 minutes;
(b) we do not have access to the Delivery Address and/or Placement Site at delivery or collection, and we are required to attend the Delivery Address at a later time, an additional fee of $65 per subsequent attendance.
(c) you ordered a recycling bin and subsequently deposit waste that is not considered recyclable waste and/or deposit more than one type of recyclable waste, an additional fee being the difference between the hire fees for a skip bin and a recycling bin;
(d) you dispose of Non-Complying Waste in the bin or if the bin appears to be soiled in a state and condition beyond normal use, an additional fee of $150 attributed to the cleaning of the bin;
(e) your C & D or General Waste bin weighs more than allowable weight limit for the bin selected, the bin is weighed after collection, the additional fee being the difference between the fee for the bin and additional fees incurred for weight above the bin weight allowance charged at $175/1000kg or part thereof; or
(f) we incur any extra tipping fees or overweight fines in relation to the bin, the additional fee being the amount incurred by us for these reasons.
(g) you overload a bin and we need to reorganise the load will incur a $60 fee.
It is your responsibility to select the suitable bin weight and size for your purpose and to provide us with correct information.
You authorise us to charge your nominated credit card the amount of the additional fees applicable, as a separate transaction if payment of hire fees was initially made by credit card.
If you did not pay by credit card, we will issue you a tax invoice for the additional fees payable within 7 days of the date of the invoice. If payment is not made by the due date, a late payment fee will apply as per the pricing schedule.