What waste can we help you dispose of?


Products we accept

Zilch Recycles everything from concrete and bitumen, construction and demolition waste, to greenwaste and soil, in addition to metals and oversize and mixed materials.

Metal waste recycling photo Zilch Waste Toowoomba disposal
Oversize concrete disposal Zilch Waste Concrete recycling


Concrete is the most widely used construction material in the world. It’s components, allow for it to be recycled, reused and repurposed into many products.

We accept concrete in all its forms – as panel, footings, blocks, garden edging, and any irregular size or shape etc. Prices vary for excess size and contamination.

We also accept Asphalt and Bitumen.

Concrete Bricks Zilch Waste Disposal


All conventional types of Bricks or Blocks or Roof Tiles are accepted – terracotta tiles, bessa blocks etc. Prices vary for contamination – ceramic tiles are excluded.

Various size concrete for disposal Zilch Waste Toowoomba


Asphalt, concrete and road base are acceptable to come in together in one load.

Soil Types for disposal Toowoomba Zilch Waste


We receive soil in many of the products our customers dispose. The cost to dispose of it is based on the difficulty to separate the different products. We accept Concrete mixed with soil, rocks, bricks and asphalt.
We also receive soils mixed with organic matter (roots), clean fills, and soil and grass.

Green waste including garden waste for disposal Zilch Waste

Green waste

Zilch receives Organic Material Such as Leaves and garden clippings, light green waste, sawdust, feedstuffs. Green Timber / Branches under 300 mm in diameter are accepted under this category.

Large Stumps and Root balls are assessed on arrival. These items require extra processing due to size and are priced accordingly. Heavy timber over 300mm in diameter is also assessed under this category.

General construction and house waste for disposal Zilch Waste

C & D Waste

Zilch accepts Waste material generated from Building, Renovation or Demolitions. This category may contain any combination of dimensional timber, plaster board, steel, bricks, plastic, bitumen, concrete, green organic materials.

Gyprock for disposal Zilch Waste Recyclers


Zilch Waste currently does not accept the following

  • Asbestos
  • Fibro Cement Products (such as Sheeting, Pipes etc)
  • Tyres /Rubber Tracks
  • Oils or Fuels
  • Food Scraps
  • Household Rubbish
  • Radioactive waste
  • Biological waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Regulated waste

Sole Discretion on our Receival Standards reside with our Receival Office. Zilch reserves the right to update our standards and charges at any time.

We pickup waste products– call us to arrange a schedule that suits you!


Give us a call on 4638 4438 for a quote or advice on recycled materials best suited to your project.